The machine control unit in the joystick

intelligence joystick
with integrated electronics for controlling on/off and prportional valves in mobile applications. Analog and digital Inputs are availeble.
Useable to control complete machines, costumized wiring harness or standardized connections.
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Thumb wheel
to use in Joysticks, operator panels.
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illuminated Thumb wheel
to use in Joysticks, operator panels. Also available non-illuminated. Different colors and types of operators.
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intelligence operator panels

for cmachine controlling. Control elements and different displays, LEDs. Integrated control unit for driving valves in mobile applications. Ananlog and digital inputs. Control unit to drive valves in mobile applications. Useable to control machines with cable remote control.

All intelligence joysticks and operator panels are usable with CAN-bus.

parametrizing unit
for interactive scaling and kalibration of iblos-joysticks and current calibration of pr0portional valves. Easy to handle. Patent registered.

software for parametrizing
For setting up and observe parameters of joysticks, operator panels and machine datas.
Including Software, USB-CAN Hardware Dongle, programming cable.